Trust The Journey Nerd Vault© 2023

Trust The Journey Nerd Vault©

Song Tracks

Blue Falcon

Don’t Look Up

Far From Here

For Chris

For Greg

Fork In The Road

Getting There

Get on your dancing shoes and dance!

Haunted By Memories

Let’s Love One Another

If the footage looks familiar it’s the where the album cover was filmed! See in real time the amazing event that took place that cold February morning!

Long Journey

Be sure to watch to the end, something very cool and magical will happen!

Mistakes Were Made

Hence the title, I know there are mistakes all in this track. I did not plan to release this, but after purchasing the Model D piano plugin from UVI, I sat down to try it out and this is what came out, first take, raw and trusting the journey of where my fingers would lead me. I know I can never duplicate this freedom of discovery. It reminds of me of playing the real piano at the churches I would clean when I was a kid. Nothing changed, I love playing music.

Never Enough Time

Put your headphones on for this one and I promise you it will lower your stress level by the time you finish listening to it!

Not Sure Where I Am

Where I’ve Been

I still think I can play the guitar! Not!
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