Hidden Treasure Nerd Vault© 2014

Hidden Treasure Nerd Vault©

Song Tracks

A Different Look

Check back soon for some real Nerd Vault© action. This is just the original track courtesy of YouTube.

Austin’s Theme

On this track you get the Original Version, 3 Nerd Vault© Exclusives! Isolated Guitars, Isolated Strings, Isolated Cello, Isolated French Horn Solo, and the 2010 Release.

Career Day

Cody’s Theme

Detroit In Transition

Doctor On Call

Getting Clean

Heading South

I Closed My Eyes

It All Started Here

Listen To Your Heart

Miami With Rudy

Shelly’s Theme

Survivor Pilot Mountain

The Interviews

The Only Part Missing

This Is Pilot Mountain

To The Point

We Take Care Of Our Own

Who Should Win

You Were There

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