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Have you heard the latest single from me yet? If you love trumpets, you’ll love this new song, “Put Your Red Dress On!” If this song doesn’t get you on the dance floor, nothing will! Inspired by my first date with who is now my wife, she came to the door with this red dress I’ll never forget. I hope this song you will never forget. Check it out today!

There are two stories that you need to follow, one is the exciting new release “Trust The Journey.” It is the most unique project I’ve ever done. My wife came in my studio office the other day and said, “What is that music you are working on?” She couldn’t believe it when I said it was a new song of mine! So please check out a completely different sound from Don Johns Music!

Here’s the cover for the new book. That’s me on the same piano I wrote my first song on! I can’t wait to share it with you!

The Nerd Vault©

I’m so excited about my next installment of the Nerd Vault©! The Nerd Vault© you say, what on earth is that? Well, there is no one on planet earth as nerdy as myself and I had this idea one day about sharing useless information about my music on a site. Think back to the day when you used to purchase an album, run home to listen to it, put on your headphones and listen while you read the album credits. The Nerd Vault© is sort of like that, but better! What I’ve done is taken it to another level by providing original drafts of the song, how is was recorded, and the coolest part (for me) are the isolated tracks of the songs! If you look over my catalog than you know I have a lot of songs, so be patient because it might take me a while, but so far I have a few albums done, in the meantime enjoy the official videos for the song until the nerdy one gets posted, but wait there is even more! If you are impatient and can’t wait, visit my Youtube channel and you can find tons of isolated tracks to listen to. So excited to be bringing this to you. Visit the Nerd Vault© now to check it out!

My Dream Just Came True!

Fran and Ron with Me!

When we bought our little RV TAB 320 last year, we decided to name it. I immediately thought about my song, “I’m Not There Yet,” not making any connection with that song, but the name seemed perfect for naming our RV. My wife suggested putting my website ( underneath the name. As you talk and dream about things you’d love to see happen, well, sometimes those little dreams can come true! I said to my wife after getting the name put on the camper, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if one day someone pulled up beside us and said, hey, we’re listening to your music!” Well, that is exactly what happened to us last weekend! After camping up in the mountains near Morganton, NC, we stopped at Bojangles to grab a bite to eat. We were sitting outside between the car and RV when Fran and Ron pulled up and shouted, “We’re listening to your music!” I was completely blown away! I quickly stood up and ran over to their car and asked if we could take a picture together. They agreed and I then asked if it was OK to put this picture up on my website, they agreed to that as well! I told them that day how much this means to me, but I’ll say it again, you guys made my dream come true and I appreciate you taking the time to connect with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

It’s Official

After many years of no one ever seeing my 4th short film, “A Mother’s Prayer,” I’ve decide to put it up on Youtube! I can’t remember when I put my films online, but I put them on two sites, Just A Spark Films (Vimeo) and Amazon Prime Video. For whatever reason, Amazon decided to price “A Mother’s Prayer” for $9.99! I knew no one would buy it at that price and after many years, (yes years!) I gave up with getting some customer service on getting it changed to a reasonable price like my other films. Then for no reason and no explanation, Amazon decided to delete the film altogether! A few months ago I started thinking about this great little film and how I wish more people had seen it, so I decided, what good is a film if no one gets to see it? I put it up on Youtube this week for the entire world to watch! You might wonder why did I put it on my Don Johns Music channel? Well, after all I did do the movie soundtrack and my channel for Just A Spark Films, has never really caught on. (I don’t know why) I hope you like it, and as always thanks for listening to my music and now, watching my films! If you can’t get enough of my work, the other films are still on Amazon or my other site. Enjoy!

A Mother’s Prayer, the little film that could. Great performances by Juan Carlos and Tim Holt.

Oath of Office

Oath of Office from the soundtrack Port City Blues. A 5 Part series I did for the Wilmington Police Department.

So excited to be checking my mailbox these days. When CD Baby came out with Pro-Publishing I was a bit skeptical, especially when years had gone by and I was not seeing any money come in for the extra cost of releasing my albums, but hold on to your tights Batman, because it finally came in! Just last week I received my 2nd royalty check from BMI and was is crazy is a song I did back in 2015 for the Wilmington Police Department ( a 5 part TV Series) “Oath of Office.” In the last part of the series I had been following the newest cadets and at their swearing in ceremony I wrote this song. How would I have ever guessed it would end up in a film from Norway? Kompani Lauritzen Thank you Noway for using my song for your show!

My New Project-“Put Your Red Dress On!”

Talk about prophecy, With my latest album entitled, “Trust the Journey,” I couldn’t have written this any better than the way it happened. Almost 10 years ago I did a video project for a dad who was trying to promote his daughter’s music career. I filmed and edited two videos for them and during this project I became friends with the talented trumpet player/arranger, who I reached out to for my newest project, “Put Your Red Dress On.” I was really disappointed that he was too busy to work with me, but by trusting the journey I was led to the find the incredible talented trumpet player named Joao Sousa from Portugal. I found him on the website Fiverr and within a few moments of listening to his demos, I knew he was the guy for this project! I sent him a very rough demo and out came magic from Sousa! I could feel his soul in the tracks he performed, but wait there’s more! I asked if he had any trombone friends and once again he delivered! I can’t wait to share this new song with you. It will be released as a single, since I don’t have any other Latin music like this, but who knows, maybe I might in the future. If you need a fantastic trumpet player, stop looking and hire this wonderful young man Joao Sousa! Here they are together!

Joao Sousa and Joao Seco
Joao Sousa and Joao Seco


Everybody loves pictures! Here’s a few that I picked out for you!

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